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David Miller

David Miller

San Diego, CA


The goal of my work is to create images that portray intelligence, confidence and beauty, and which exist without the slightest hint of reservation or apology. These images are created as reflections of a level of self-confidence far higher than those usually experienced today. Far too often we attempt to limit ourselves to just one of those three qualities, when in truth they all exist, in full, within every one of us. My work in creating images of nature and architecture springs forth solely from the love of doing so. Any thoughts you have on my work will be greatly appreciated, and I'd be grateful if you'd be kind enough to recommend this gallery to a friend. Thanks for stopping by. All images are Copyright © David Miller. All rights reserved.


Cognitive Existence 3


Organic 8


Organic 9


Self Assurance 9


Self Assurance 10


Self Assurance 11


Self Assurance 6


Cognitive Existence 2


Self Assurance 7


Self Assurance 8


Self Assurance 3


Self Assurance 4


Self Assurance 1


Self Assurance 2


Cognitive Existence 1


Iona Lynn 3-1


Iona Lynn 3-2


Iona Lynn 3-3


Andria 2-1


Andria 2-2


Andria 2-3


Kimani 6-1


Kimani 6-2


Kimani 6-3


Kassandra 1